29 feb. 2012

*Today details*

Today I made cupcakes!! so delicious.
This is my new jumper, only €7!I love the round necks.
I sewed that purse, also. 

28 feb. 2012

And the winner is........

Congratulations to Lisa  (http://lisakinoo.be/blog/) and wide-eyed-tree (http://wide-eyed-tree.blogspot.com/)
Please send me your details on aldiladeglispecchi@yahoo.es, and I will send of mine.

Thanks to all for participating, maybe soon I will repeat.

27 feb. 2012

lazy Monday

I am very busy lately. I would like to publish more often, I will try from now. ;)
I knitted this had for gift a lovely friend.
I started reading this book, I like very much Anaïs Nin, what is your favorite female author?
Smells like spring out there!!
Tomorrow will be the lottery of brooches-tea swap!

20 feb. 2012

Swap again

A few days ago I saw this initiative and has inspired me to propose a swap.

It consists in:
Two persons send me tea and I send you to each one a one brooche from my store.

How to participate:
Leave a comment in the comment section of this post and let me know your name and email.

On March 28 I'll do a lottery and publish the two person to do the swap (
I'll get to exchange address).
Have a lovely day!

16 feb. 2012

Sewing and knitting

Hi all!!
These are some things I bought last weekend:
A pure yarn for a scraf.
A lovely fabrics.(I still don't know what to do with them!!)
A vintage dress.

I will try to make a skirt like this, I love Jenny's patterns, I bought the pattern (here) last day and I and I have it ready. Lovely Neus it's also doing the same skirt so she is going to be very helpful for me!!

Have a lovely day!

13 feb. 2012

Bits of..

This weekend I:

Go to Barcelona and buy a lovely wool.
Bake a cake.
Buy all the ingredients to make chai tea
Drink a lot of chai tea.
I discovered a beautiful fabric outlet (in the next post I will show the fabrics that I bought).
Knit my first hat.
Enjoy a wonderful weekend  

7 feb. 2012

The weekend

Cold weather.
Snow in the garden, it is the second time I see snow.
Chocolat is my new addiction
New fabrics in my mailbox.
I think I'm going to knit something like this  

3 feb. 2012


Good morning!!
My two new pink things.
It snowed tonight, so beautiful!
I wish you a lovely weekend.

1 feb. 2012

•rainy day•

 Winter day..it is very cold outside but it is perfect to stay indoors, bake, knit and a thousand more things to do.
It's seems to be cold tonight, which temperature do you have in your city?
I wish you a happy and cozy night.