19 feb. 2014

 new item in the shop.


Last week flea-market finds.
Enjoying a cup of tea.

14 feb. 2014

* I've updated the shop with two new knitted hats.

Today's a beautiful sunny day i'm enjoying taking photos trying to capture it.
Black red fruits tea in my cup now.
Drying the clothes outside.
New fabrics arrived yesterday at home, finally I'm going to sew again, but this time for a friends.

Happy weekend!

10 feb. 2014

Finally I can update my shop.

Handmade dishcloth and cloth in 100% ecological cotton or  recycled cotton.
I have been testing in the kitchen with different materials, finally I like this.

I want to add more things soon, I'm working in new items ( not only items for the kitchen)
Please visit.

7 feb. 2014

Winter, grey and dark.
That's another unfinished project.
Today I prepared green falafel, the recipe here.
Labels, cards and papers for the store around here, what a mess!

I want to watch this during the weekend.

4 feb. 2014

I finished my green pullover, but I have a lot of unfinished project. In my mind ( is not the first time that I mention) I wouldn't start a project before finishing another, but there is something that makes me forget it and invite me to get other things.
It's a variation of this, with the same yarn. It is very nice to work with high quality wool.
I bought tulips this weekend but I have no vase.

I'm baking a cake, tomorrow a friend is coming home to have breakfast together. She is from Slovakia and is my new friend ( my unique friend in this new city).


I''m working in new items for the shop. I hope it can be updated soon.

(I'm thinking of giving a second chance to these tights, I've used it twice and I think I don't do it again, if anyone is interested in buying, contact me, here : aldiladeglispecchi@yahoo.es)