7 feb 2014

Winter, grey and dark.
That's another unfinished project.
Today I prepared green falafel, the recipe here.
Labels, cards and papers for the store around here, what a mess!

I want to watch this during the weekend.

6 comentarios:

  1. Looks so lovely! You're so talented knitter Anna...!

  2. I remember the grey and dark winter in Munich. We moved in february. But I think it's a way to love more and more the flowers blossom that will surprire you in April:)
    And what a lovely sweater!
    Great yarn project:)
    Have a lovely week end**

  3. oh, all your knitting makes me jealous - so beautiful!

    And thank you for your lovely comment! It is very nice to know you, too :)

  4. Your first photo is very artistic! Love it!