26 jul. 2013

Friday notes

Morning tea, this time I tasted this,  a sample of palais des thés sent me with my order.
I spend these days doing simple things, feeling I'm in the middle of nowhere and where are no worries, listening to the quietness or occasional sounds of the trees. I like this, what about your summer days?
Currently I'm watching this Danish series.
Today is my nameday and tonight I'm going to enjoy a jazz concert here.

22 jul. 2013

he week has started better than the last, my sewing machine it's fixed and I was able to finish my polka dots purple dress and I've sewed something for a friend, the package is on her way.
Also is on the way an item from the store, I love making packages. Is only available one pot-holder!! ;)
On the weekend went to a concert and other activities, my city is dressed up to celebrate the festivities, I'm looking forward begin to enjoy all their activities.
I apreciate the lovely comments you all write to me.
Not knowing what to do in August, I try to think that is a good plan staying at home.

Happy Monday.

17 jul. 2013

A bad start of the week, my car broke down (still it's broken) so I have to be at home, but I thought... that's good, you can dedicate to sew those cute fabrics you bought .. well..the sewing machine decided also break down but a lovely package was waiting to me in the mail box, lovely coco sent me all these things!
There is always something good!
We are having a very hot days, I just made a cold shower so I'll go to read a new book at the garden.
Good night dears!

12 jul. 2013

The garden smells of lavender. I sewed a free-pattern dress, I'm very happy with the result and the dress is very airy and fresh. I woke up this morning with this lovely surprise, these two flowers have bloomed! they made my day!!
Some problems with the jacket, I had to undo a good part, a bit of disappointment, but now everything is right back on my needles.Many good things to eat.
I fixed a little the blog, I increased my list of favorite blogs.
Enjoying a lot of this concert. I love Ane Brun and Ólöf Arnalds, they are my favorite. What about yours?
I discovered her blog
Happy weekend.  

9 jul. 2013

Oh! summer time...hot days pass pretty quiet, I love wasting time in the garden, knitting or reading and enjoying a good cup of tea, it makes me feel good.
The garden is full of plants.
It's nice to hear the crickets singing.
I'm wearing light fabrics dresses, I don't like pants.
Little impatience in receiving  packages and preparing others to send.   
This morning I went to buy some sale fabric. I feel like,  again, need to spend some afternoons with my sewing machine.
I love the beautiful project that I have in my knitting needles and thinking about the next.
I'm dreaming of spending a few days in the beautiful countryside of southern France, I want to come back.

5 jul. 2013


A very hot summer days. A lot of tea, hot tea, yes.. I can't get used to the ice tea. Finally has arrived teas des alizes and I love its fruity flavor soft.
Another beautiful package was waiting in the mailbox, my lip balm from The Morning calm.
I'm knitting the Levenwick cardigan and I'm using this lovely yarn in my favorite corner in the garden.

I started studying German on my own

Happy weekend,
I love your comments: Thank you♥

2 jul. 2013


Summer dress and fresh food. On Saturday we went to Barcelona and we watched a design documentary in la Filmoteca, is a good site to see a movie, and very economical!
The sales period has begun, I've ordered this kimono jacket.
I love my new silk shirt.
On Sunday, I ate a giant pistachio macaron, I love when he brings me this surprise.
Thank you for your suggestions about a product for broken nails on my last post.
I have finished the scarf, I have some other wool so I'm going to knit a beret. I think my next project will be this one, I love the jacket but I'm a little scared by complexity.
My dear friend has knitted two-and the truth is that looks amazing, I want one!

I found this recipe site.