9 jul 2013

Oh! summer time...hot days pass pretty quiet, I love wasting time in the garden, knitting or reading and enjoying a good cup of tea, it makes me feel good.
The garden is full of plants.
It's nice to hear the crickets singing.
I'm wearing light fabrics dresses, I don't like pants.
Little impatience in receiving  packages and preparing others to send.   
This morning I went to buy some sale fabric. I feel like,  again, need to spend some afternoons with my sewing machine.
I love the beautiful project that I have in my knitting needles and thinking about the next.
I'm dreaming of spending a few days in the beautiful countryside of southern France, I want to come back.

8 comentarios:

  1. Me encanta leer tu blog y las fotos siempre tan lindas.
    Me imagino que el sur de Francia es hermoso, espero vuelvas pronto.
    Lindo día!

    1. Gracias amiga! yo tambien quiero volver pronto!!
      Feliz dia par ti tambien!

  2. my last email was on 7/7.
    zucchini was good, better than i thought.

  3. Lovely,peaceful pictures! And those fabrics look great!

  4. i like what i see in your basket : )))
    totally agree with what niina says:
    lovely and peaceful pictures!!


  5. Beautifully photos. I like your new fabrics. They are lovely. I can't wait to see what you make with them.
    Spending time in the garden during summer time is the best:)

  6. I also don't like wearing pants anymore. In my childhood I only wore pants, but then it changed suddenly. It is such a feeling of freedom somehow :)
    The fabric looks really nice!!!

  7. I love your fabrics - especially the one on top. Do you buy fabrics online? I think, it's hard to find fabric for clothes. I love the skirt you made for Vibeke (A Butterfly in my Hair).