29 mar. 2012

Pre Easter Week

Hi! srping is here, a very nice weather and a lot of things to do... made me a little less active on blogging

I love spring, everything seems so nice!
There is only one weekend for Easter vacation:)  what are you doing on your Easter vacation?

26 mar. 2012


Soon I will go to Berlin!I am very curious to visit the city for the first time.
Do any of you can tell me any recommendations?things to do, places to eat, flea markets..


20 mar. 2012

I like

Hi there!

Some weeks ago suggested an tea-swap on my blog.
The two lovely ladies selected sent me in a beautiful package a collection of different teas and also some surprises!!
Thanks Lisa and Claudia!!

and spring has arrived, you welcome!

13 mar. 2012


Hi dears!

Few days ago Teresa sent me a a sunshine-award, which is ‘an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world’
She makes me very happy! Obrigado Teresa!
Today I show you a picture of the reflected sun in one of my necklaces to answer the following questions (you're supposed to answer the questions for receive the award).

- favorite color: My favorite color is green but I'm glad about the autum colors.
- favorite animal: Rabbit
- favorite non-alcoholic drink: tea
- facebook or twitter:  Facebook, but I don't use it.
- getting or giving presents: Both
 - favorite flower: Gerbera
- favorite pattern: Marimekko patterns
- passion: Music and knit
- favorite number: 3

So a butterfly in my hair,  souvenirs, tiny nice things, koivukuja and little buckles this sun is for you!

12 mar. 2012

Strawberry time

Hi dears!!
It seems that spring begins to wake up and it is wonderful, the sun shines in a special way.
I am very encouraged for this and because finally I can show you my skirt!
I must say that I discarded following the instructions of the pattern and follow my intuition.
This weekend I bought denim fabric to sew another tulip skirt!

Strawberries are delicious now

7 mar. 2012


I do it again:
>> madeleines
>> round neck , why I like so much? this I've sewn.

6 mar. 2012

Clear or not clear

Today I want to show this lovely tutorials from spanish craffers (in spanish).
I started to knit a scarf with the yarn I bought because it is still cold.
As always enjoying a cup of tea (although the day is gray, once again).

5 mar. 2012

Such dreadful weather, rain, wind and grey skies this weekend.

• My fav. vintage cup with a delicious green tea.
• My collection of washi tape.
• A package for a friend.

Cold days are again, I hope everyone stays nice and warm.