13 mar 2012


Hi dears!

Few days ago Teresa sent me a a sunshine-award, which is ‘an award for bloggers whose positivity and creativity inspires others in the blog world’
She makes me very happy! Obrigado Teresa!
Today I show you a picture of the reflected sun in one of my necklaces to answer the following questions (you're supposed to answer the questions for receive the award).

- favorite color: My favorite color is green but I'm glad about the autum colors.
- favorite animal: Rabbit
- favorite non-alcoholic drink: tea
- facebook or twitter:  Facebook, but I don't use it.
- getting or giving presents: Both
 - favorite flower: Gerbera
- favorite pattern: Marimekko patterns
- passion: Music and knit
- favorite number: 3

So a butterfly in my hair,  souvenirs, tiny nice things, koivukuja and little buckles this sun is for you!

6 comentarios:

  1. Thanks a lot!!
    Moltes gràcies!! A veure si passo el sol d'altres ben aviat! :)

  2. Thank you Anna! Your necklaces look so beautiful.

  3. Merci Anna!

    Now I just need to know your favourite tea? Your jewellry is just beautiful :)

  4. I also lobe gerberas. In my last job I always passed a floer shop on the way home and I often bought myself one gerbera flower :)

    1. Yes Claudia, I think that gerbera are spring flowers and give off good energy for its varied and intense color

  5. Thank you ladies!! you make me smile!