12 mar 2012

Strawberry time

Hi dears!!
It seems that spring begins to wake up and it is wonderful, the sun shines in a special way.
I am very encouraged for this and because finally I can show you my skirt!
I must say that I discarded following the instructions of the pattern and follow my intuition.
This weekend I bought denim fabric to sew another tulip skirt!

Strawberries are delicious now

5 comentarios:

  1. ohhh que maca!! T'ha quedat molt bé!! Les instruccions fan venir mal de cap... tants passos on no s'entén casi res! Jo també tinc moltes ganes de fer-ne una de nova, però com que m'hi vaig estar bastant, ho faré un dia que tingui tota la tarda (o més) per fer només això! (sóc lentíssima)
    Bona setmana!

  2. I love your skirt! Perfect for spring. We've been eating strawberries this week (from Spain and not our garden) x

  3. It's funny: I've found your blog from another one and I just published a post about my first tulip skirt! I'm glad I've found you :)

  4. Very nice skirt! I should start sewing back.

  5. I love this skirt, you could combine it with blue sweater maybe. ;)