22 jul 2013

he week has started better than the last, my sewing machine it's fixed and I was able to finish my polka dots purple dress and I've sewed something for a friend, the package is on her way.
Also is on the way an item from the store, I love making packages. Is only available one pot-holder!! ;)
On the weekend went to a concert and other activities, my city is dressed up to celebrate the festivities, I'm looking forward begin to enjoy all their activities.
I apreciate the lovely comments you all write to me.
Not knowing what to do in August, I try to think that is a good plan staying at home.

Happy Monday.

7 comentarios:

  1. I will also stay at home in august. Probably will enjoy the loneliness of the city...no august activities are programmed...so will have to organize something...for friends...

  2. Gràcies una altra vegada per les felicitacions!!
    T'has fet el vestit d'algun patró o l'has dissenyat tu?
    Jo també estaré per aquí aquest agost, entre aquí i a casa els papis a l'Empordà.
    Bona festa major *

  3. Omg! I just can't stop looking at your blog today! You take such beautiful photos and your creation are so full of inspiration!
    I'll be back for sure:)

  4. Oh that dress! how beautiful! I wish I knew how to sew clothing, I think this is the most wonderful thing... I will try to knit my husband a secret sweater for christmas, we will see how it goes!