28 ago 2012

Last week of august

I hardly believe that August it's ends
I'm waiting for autumn.
I have made ​​a list of things I want to do.Do you have plans for the new season
I really like this start.

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  1. Hello! I'm not ready at all for autumn and certainly not ready for winter! I'm still enjoying your tea....so nice :) x

  2. this summer went by so fast here, already autumn!!!
    when i woke up today the air was cold and crisp outside
    the colors in nature are starting to change into autumn shades...

    my list of things i want to do this season:
    -have envenings together with other knitters
    (like i did yesterday, it was so cosy and nice)
    -bake more
    -try to be more positve agains the winter (it is SOOO cold,long and dark)
    -try out new soup recipes
    -have colorful flowers on the table becaus ethat makes me very happy when i have to be more inside
    -find a knitting project that i will make for myself
    -maybe try to learn some sewing from my mum
    -go to inspirational sermons more
    -make only handmade christmas gifts this year

    i would love to know more about your list anna : )

  3. For me, autumn always feels like a fresh start, more so than new year's. It's my favorite season, so I'm really looking forward to it, and yes, I do have things planned for it, too, the type of resolutions you would normally make around the turn of the year.

    The first photo is so beautiful, Anna! The bright color of the roses against the muted colors of your wooden table and your knitting -- oh, it's so lovely!

  4. It still feels very much like summer here, I wonder when the autumn-feeling will take over. I'm looking forward to start wearing sweaters again :)

  5. El tiempo se a hido bien rápido!!
    Lindas fotos, hermosas flores y me gusta mucho la taza.


  6. I mailed your package today!
    Sorry it took so long, life has me spinning lately.
    Hope you enjoy my Nature Notes.
    xo, j

  7. My plan working working working, but before I will have my holiday of this year :)
    I love autumn, it is my favorite season!

  8. The seasons move so fast any more, hoping time will slow down for my favorite season, fall.

  9. evertime, when coming back here, i like to look
    at your knitted coaster here(2nd photo). such lovely thing
    makes me want to get busy knitting too.