3 sept 2012

September and new things

First of all many thanks for your comments and your good purposes for the new season.
One of my purpose is to be more organized in everything I do, for example today I raised daily routines that I have done.
Another purpose is to finish and not start another knitting and sewing project and finish the ones I have in my basket. It's tempting, I hope get it..Today I received a lovely package from Janet we have participated in nature swap of Vibeke and I've been so lucky to receive a beautiful box with little treasures of nature that she has caught for me and a very soft alpaca wool and needles....so ..do you understand my temptation?
 Thank you Janet!!

I join with many of you and I planted my avocado ;)

5 comentarios:

  1. Oh,what a lovely package!
    I would like to try to plant an avocado too:)

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed the package, I had fun putting it together for you.
    The alpaca was locally raised so I considered it a Nature Find...bit of a stretch, perhaps, but I couldn't resist it!
    The eggshell is from an American Robin.
    Happy knitting!
    xo, j

  3. Hermoso paquete, que lindo todo!

    Espero que tengas una linda semana!


  4. you were spoiled !!! good for you :)
    is it an avoado you're growing ?
    I have a sweet potatoe on, with some little leaves but chances are it won't survive the rain season here in Brittany :(