22 oct 2013

Days pass so fast, i'm preparing a lot of things and I'm trying to find the way to put all my clothes in only one suitcase. I'm a little bit worried about the German cold and worried about if my spanish clothes are ready for this weather!!
A lot of emotions during these days...
But there is one  which I would like to write today..

I read long ago that each friend represents a world, a world that perhaps wouldn't have been born if we wouldn't have known, well..this "virtual world" has given me the opportunity to meet wonderful ladies, who have become great friends, it's still hard for me understanding how these relationships are established as important for me.
My good friends, with our continued emails, that we sharing through the words so much!
I wanted to share my joy and gratitude for my having those special, though distant, friends.
And especially thank to my beloved Anu for the package that she sent me, that I can't even express how happy she made me.
(shoes and wool, are something which she sent me, I feel lucky!)

4 comentarios:

  1. A great gift....don´t think too much about cloth...just you can add more there...add more scarfs made there...or just ask for more ;)
    Don´t worry...everything will go ok

  2. I feel the same! I got to know so awesome people here in blogworld, I would not want to miss them! Unfortunately distance is sometimes too big :( But I am super grateful! I wish you all the bets for preparing for Germany. It will be a big change! You will need your pretty woolen handmade clothes :)

  3. I was just thinking about the same things today, how important virtual friends have become. While sometimes modern technology hinders us, in other ways it has connected us all in some amazing ways.
    Amazing and thoughtful gifts from Anu.

  4. I feel the same Anna, friendship is a huge gift and blessing. I have found true soul mates here in this blog world. It is so wonderful to have you in my world and get to be a part of yours.
    I am sending hugs and assuring you that German weather is going to treat you well as long as you have your knitted woolen beautiful cardis and cowls with you, oh and warm shoes. And you can always knit some more - isn't it lovely!!