19 dic 2013

I'm still getting used to the few hours of daylight, also no blinds, I love looking out the windows and see what people do in their home.
There are candles around the house.
Finally I bought all Christmas gifts.
I'm very happy because next week my parents come.
I bought this fabulous body cream for my mother.

I'm practicing German watching this serie.

5 comentarios:

  1. Hello sweet Anna and thank you so much for your Christmas card,it was such a nice surprise!! :))

  2. So nice to see a post here:) Enjoy these days of holidays!

  3. So nice that your parents come to visit! Yes, that darkness is hard to get used to. I am waiting for snow, because the snow brings some light with it's reflection. :)

  4. Quines fotos! La primera és una passada!
    Que bé que tinguis visita aviat, bones festes guapa!

  5. Wishing you happy holidays and all the best for the new year!