17 jul 2012

lemon, melon and plums

It's hot outside, it is better to be indoors, doing a lemon cake and homemade jam.  
I began a new book. I recycled a necklace and I have done a new. It's first time I try cantaloupe melon.
A few days ago Vibeke proposed a book-away and I was the lucky winner, thanks for this lovely post about me!

7 comentarios:

  1. Felicitaciones por haber ganado!!, muy lindas fotos. Lindo día x

  2. Send some of the hot weather to Belgium, please!

    1. I want some hot weather in Belgium too!!

    2. ... and to Norway as well. Just a day or two, that's all I ask for.

  3. would love some hot weather here too, please send!: )
    package ready to be sent your way tomorrow, hope you will like the book.

    lemon, melons and plums sounds lovely anna!!

  4. if I could send hot weather for you I would do it Because I'm tired of this grueling heat (34 °C right now)I need a bit of respite ;) but *smiling* I think we never agree with what we have!

  5. come here up to Brittany, you will breathe cooler ;) !!