6 jul 2012

to Finland

I send this package to Finland, thanks for buying in my shop and brings a second life to the clothing!!

I recently discovered this magazine online, do you usually read online magazines?

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  1. Me encanta el empaque y sí yo leo bastantes revistas online, ya que en mi pais cerraron la librería dónde hiba siempre asi que ahora veo online las que no pueda conseguir.

    Lindo día , saludos!

  2. I still prefer the paper magazines! I love the smell of magazines :)

  3. Gracias, Anna! It arrived today and fits perfectly. It's even better than I expected :)

  4. Oh thanks girls!!
    Frost:thanks, I hope you enjoy and thank you very much for shopping11

  5. Just found your blog via 'a butterfly in my hair', and I am very glad I did. Thank you for the link to 'sweet paul', I never read online magazines, but I will have a look as it seems lovely. Will also have a look in your shop a bit later.
    Have a lovely Monday,

    1. Thanks Lilli for your sweet words!I love your blog, I discovered a while ago and the photos are wonderful

  6. yes i do. especially when they're free ! sweet paul has some nice recipes...

    i love your packaging, very pretty & inspiring