7 nov 2012


This week I haven't class so I decided to do many things, many of which will not have enough time..
One of them has been bake a banana cake, ti's delicious with my new tea, green tea with chocolate, roses and bamboo..has become my favorite!
I started a new knit project and I discovered this serie (isn't a great discovery, already three seasons ..)
 Wel.. I'll continue sewing my dress, I'll hope finish today!

*Bag swap it's still open

4 comentarios:

  1. Tea with chocolate, I've never heard of this before!
    Have fun with all the projects, the knitting, the sewing.

  2. Enjoy your tea! I like your new knit project!

  3. I want the banana cake recipe!

    I love tea, green tea would be my second choice, red tea is my favorite!! Spiced red tea, with chocolate, with vanille, cinnamon.... It's the perfect company in a grey rainy day! ;)