11 jun 2014

How beautiful! we are having a beautiful summer days. The weekend we went for a walk with the bike and I picked some flowers.
I put to dried one hydrangea flower.
Fresh red bio fruits from the market, this morning.
I sewed a shirt, the fabric is great, super thin and light. Lately I don't have any sewing project, I prefer to spend time with my needles.

This week I have seen the third season of this.

6 comentarios:

  1. how lovely time you are having. it makes sing my heart.
    enjoy the day in the woods.

  2. What a summery blog post! I hope it was as nice as it sounds! We had very hot summer weather too :) And I made some strawberry jam :)

  3. Looks a perfect plan for weekend. Here we are between greys. No sun appears but really have good temperature....althought a bit blue would be ok.

  4. What beautiful images to represent summer days! Your shirt is adorable.

  5. Hermosas fotos, que bueno que estés disfrutando en tu nuevo hogar.


  6. beautiful top and how calming and simple your photographs are, lovely