14 may 2014

Many beautiful things around here. I'm back from my trip to Barcelona, was nice to come home after so many months.
Buds of roses to flavor my tea.
This year my  wanted to give me something really special, something handmade and he was right! he chose this gorgeous ring that Joanne has done with his own hands for me!! l.o.v.e it!
thanks for your orders in my shop!!

I want to talk in my next post about this soap :))

4 comentarios:

  1. oh what a beautiful ring your ♥ gifted you for your birthday!
    i ♥ Joanne's work so much!!

    it must have been so good to travel home again for some days, happy for you. but i guess it was hard to say goodbye again too....

    you will get a late 30'th birthday gift from me this summer/early autumn but i hope you will like it anyway when you get it.

    that IS a pretty soap!1

    ♥ and hugs

    ps: thank you for your kind email, i am replying soon my friend.

  2. What a pretty ring! And I love soaps! I never have liquid ones, always the good old normal ones :)

  3. Oh it'd to be very nice to get back home, I bet you really enjoyed it :)
    Your love knows you very well, the ring is gorgeous!

  4. És preciòs l'anell! Trobo sempre que fas les fotos amb molta delicadesa, m'encanten!