19 may 2014

Sunny silk

Today I want to talk about Marta, she makes handcrafted natural cosmetics. I want to support people who do wonderful things with your hands on a small scale, and Marta is one of them.
here a little about her and her work ...

" The story of my natural handmade soaps began with my mum.
More than a year ago she started a research on natural soaps and ordered a few samples via internet. Already after the first “shower-tests” I was convinced by the quality of handmade soaps. They are nothing to compare with the shower gels and soaps of the supermarket. I started then a long research on the soap making process and I decided on the cold process method. For my very first soap I needed almost 3-4 weeks preparation time reading articles, books and blogs about the production procedure. The result was a nice lavender-olive oil soap! Since then there was no way back.  My favorite ingredients for the natural soaps are: goat’s milk: my personal top 1, olive oil, cocoa butter, laurel oil and essential oils.

The natural cosmetics section of my store is quite new: I added it in the beginning of February 2014.

I just added new product lines in addition to the soaps - which remain my main focus - bath truffles! They look like real chocolate truffles but they are meant to be added to a warm bath. Throught the temperature of an average warm bath the truffles will melt and fill the water with caring oils: almond, macadamia nut oil and lots of cocoa butter.
The truffels are coming with the following scents: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, orange, lavender."

Marta offers who orders more than three items from her shop or in a value over 10 EUR  will get a lip stick as a present -  just type in a code during check-out like "Anna's blog 2014"

They could then choose between the following three lip stick options: unscented organic, organic lavender or organic sweet orange.

Marta's shop.
take a look at his collection of silk paintings!

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