6 ago 2013

I have done it my Levenwick,  is finished!! I am delighted with the final result and I love it!. Sorry for the little control of light in this photo, it really a blue and my hair is not orange, but you do not know as I wish it were so. I took the picture very quickly, with 31 º is not very nice to wear a alpaca jacket  ;)
Now I started a new knitting project, another cardigan, this time I chose this merino woll.
My dearest friend it's now wearing my skirt,  I sewed for her, she looks so beautiful. 
I have organized the closet and have separated things that I'm not wear for a long .
A lot of tea times with dark chocolate and enjoying a lot my currently book.

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  1. Lovely cardigan, Anna. I have yarn waiting for me to knit a Levenwich. I love the skirt you made for Vibeke. Is it your own pattern....? Great fabric too.

  2. Eres tan talentosa, que hermoso cardigan, las fotos tan lindas como siempre.
    Disfruta de tu libro!

  3. ME encanta el jersey...yo también tengo chocolate negro para el verano...jajaja

  4. This combination of pictures is so nice together! me encantan. And your cardigan is so inspiring,.. it's time I start to try to make my own clothes - I am always only making gifts, to give away!

    And the skirt you sewed for Vibeke, how lovely! I'm sure she absolutely treasures it! You are so multi-talented :)

  5. Oh yes, the praline cardigan is one of my favourite pattern :)
    I'm just waiting to settle to start knitting a "serious" project!
    I'm in love with Quince & Co new cardigans, you should definitely check it out!

  6. Qué bonita la chaqueta!!! con lo que a mí me gusta el gris... jeje, hubiera quedado también bonita así. La siguiente que vas a hacer también es chula, qué color vas a usar?

  7. Beautiful cardigan! I wish I could knit. (Actually, I wish I could take the time to learn...that's more like it) I also love your hair red! I love my hair red...actually, I love red hair on anyone. :) Your next cardigan project looks like it'll be fantastic.

  8. This cardigan is heaven itself. Pretty in gray, too :)
    I am taking a little break (uuuh,cleaning day at our household :))and was very happy to find this post. Some how I didn't notice it yesterday on my "blog tour". Good thing, so I could "find" it today.
    The skirt and both of you women are pretty wearing those items you have made yourself!