1 ago 2013

Time goes by quickly, August has arrived I would love to August will be a rainy month and with a little less heat, but never is the case here,I find it hard cope the day with this heat meanwhile in the shadow I'm  finishing my Levenwick cardigan.
I received my nail salve  it's working!

Few days ago I participated in this give-away, to enter we had to create a haiku for fall and looks at number *8,  I'm a finalist! ;)
Happy August days

3 comentarios:

  1. Happy August! The first picture looks a little bit like autumn ;)

  2. Cold have arrived! a bit of calm for night sleeping.
    I am working in a little jacket, for a little girl...love those little works...I early get tired of big projects....
    Send you a bit of cloudy days

  3. Hermosas fotos como siempre, que disfrutes del mes de Agosto sin tanto calor : )