15 ago 2013

During these days: sunshine, braid in my long hair, light breeze of fresh air, delicious blackberries for dinner last night, now sun everywhere, lovely e-mail from a far away friend she sent me this beautiful ring and another bits and bobs, knitting and tea moments, outside moments too. It's being a quiet and peaceful August.
*thank you for the last comments

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  1. Tus fotos siempre tan lindas!!


  2. i love the sandals and bag, the ring is cute too :) ...i am also loving the calm of august...but summer is ending much too early here in ny.

  3. Just found your blog (I saw your comment on my friend's blog Mandarine's), and I love it! Your pictures are amazing, and I really like your knitting works :)
    I'll be back here soon ^^

  4. Nice calm August here too. And perfect sandals weather. :)