25 jun 2013

Beautiful Sant Juan night and welcome summer, by the time this summer is atypical, pretty cool, but very nice.
I baked this focaccia.( see video here).
I wear my salt water sandals almost always, are perfect with my new dress, the beautiful fabric is a present from my dear friend V. I took the pattern from here.

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  1. oh my dear anna i LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE to see that the fabric is turned into something beautiful for you to wear! i knew that you would create something pretty with it, you are so good with the sewing machine.
    and i adore your sandals and nailpolish : )

    lots of hugs

    ps: how did your exam go??

    1. Oh lovely V! I adore the fabric is very fresh and I love the pattern, thank you so much for this gift!
      The test went well, still don't know the result, :)


  2. Respuestas
    1. anna, here it is, i found the post i saw few days
      ago and your facaccia inspired me to cook today.
      thank you!! i put a link to your site.
      thanks anna.

  3. I discovered your blog recently. I love it!
    In France too, the weather is really weird! it is impossible to put on a dress and sandals! I have my pole! o_O
    the fabric's dress is very pretty! What pattern did you use? I have the same book but I haven't sewn!
    and food makes me hungry!
    (i'm sorry for my english ! i'm not a language expert !
    bonne semaine!

    1. Oh thank you so much.
      I sewed " robe ample à fines bretelles" you can try it's very easy and a nice dress to wear with a cardigan in this stange weather ;)

    2. oh ok!!
      thank you so much for your advice!!! =)

  4. En mi país también celebramos la Noche de San Juan.
    Me encantan tus sandalias están hermosas.
    Que tengas un lindo día!

    1. Gracias, lo pasaste bien? aqui a parte de las hogueras se tiran petardos, eso es lo que menos me gusta... que le vamos hacer..
      feliz dia para ti tambien

  5. Love your sandals and that dress!

    1. I too really like these sandals, I wish to have in all colors.

  6. No sandals time here yet. Cold mornings, warm afternoons and more cold nights...blue fingered feet are not on this year.
    Enjoy the summer.