21 may 2012

happy Monday

First,  it was so nice to read your comments from my last post.
Those days are so grey so my photos are so dark. 
I start a new knit project. I knit in sticht "punto garbanzo" I don't know witch is the traduction maybe chickpea stitch? ;) --> seed stitch
 I bought this bag, I saw in Berlin but I couldn't buy but I was really happy to see it again in my city.

4 comentarios:

  1. I think it's called seed stitch or moss stitch. I love the your new bag. I just got myself a cool pair of shoes today, very similar style to your bag. I was tempted to by them in red, like your bag, but decided to go with neutral, plain leather.

  2. Love your new bag! is beautiful, have a lovely week!.

  3. Such a lovely bag! I would also have chosen this color :)

  4. I never use bags, it ever seems to get in my way. I do love seed stitch, so decorative and easy to do.
    Happy Wednesday eveing too!