27 sept. 2012

a good Thursday

Hello lovelies!
This is me this morning.
This is my my afternoon two colors cake (I hope it to be so when cutting a piece).

 Thanks for all your comments, it made me laugh.

25 sept. 2012

today, still summer

This is how I'm dressed today, a very summer outfit.(I've been late to class because I'm taking photos)
These days I've been knitting this jacket, with a free pattern, but the other day has arrived, thanks to my friend V, Rowan's book. I could not avoid, I have started a new project, I'm a bad girl...so the free jacket will be in the basket of unfinished projects.
..what about you?

20 sept. 2012


hello there, 
I can finally say that I can feel the weather is changin, but slowly.
Now, in the morning I'm going to English classes and in evenings I knitting, sew drink a lot of tea, I knitting and sew, again. It's a slowly way to spend life, but the moment it's like this.
How about yours? Do you feel that everything is slow or too fast?
My sweet friend V is organized a swap on her blog, please visit him.

18 sept. 2012


The other day I received this package, which contains within it was for special for me.
At the end of summer, Vibeke and I decided to do a swap together.
What makes it special is that we decided that she knit something for me and I sew something for her.
She knit a beautiful shawl with wonderfulfor wool and I've sewn corduroy skirt (I promise to show you soon the shawl, still hot here).
That wonderful the relationships established through the blog!
Thanks lovely lady, I will always be grateful .
And thanks too to all other ladies with whom I have also contac..!and new friends to come!

13 sept. 2012


Just a quick hello, this is my last sew project, I would love to use already but I still have to wait a few months.
The photo is dedicated to you Vibeke

12 sept. 2012


Pictures from yesterday.
Today the day is gray and windy, rain promises but the weather predicts that will be hot, summer again....
Meanwhile, I have finished sewing thousands of things waiting, I will take a break and knitting again.
I love the patterns proposed by Rowan I spend hours looking at their photographs online I would knit all !!
I think unfortunately in Spain Rowan don't edit .

I wish you a pleasant afternoon.

10 sept. 2012

visual attractions

Hello lovelies! Work in the garden are keeping me busy. Sewing for a friend and planning lots of new things.I knit too. I´m waiting for autumn, well, exactly the autumn cold.
Welcome new week!

5 sept. 2012


- My only two "montserrat" organic tomatoes  it's difficult variety  to produce.
- Today I have stomach pain.
- I've been flipping through this magazine that I had forgotten that exists. 
- Hello it's my small Moomin, I had ever mentioned that I love the Moomins?
- I'm sewing a autumn dress.  

3 sept. 2012

September and new things

First of all many thanks for your comments and your good purposes for the new season.
One of my purpose is to be more organized in everything I do, for example today I raised daily routines that I have done.
Another purpose is to finish and not start another knitting and sewing project and finish the ones I have in my basket. It's tempting, I hope get it..Today I received a lovely package from Janet we have participated in nature swap of Vibeke and I've been so lucky to receive a beautiful box with little treasures of nature that she has caught for me and a very soft alpaca wool and needles....so ..do you understand my temptation?
 Thank you Janet!!

I join with many of you and I planted my avocado ;)