30 abr 2013

After four days of rain, wind and cold the sun shines again.
I started using my new quilt (I did it with thousands of pieces of cloth).
I love spring and spring light , it's nice taking photos.Don't you  know how I envy the summer light in the Nordic countries.
Last days for my Sant Jordi's rose.
I've added a new post-holder in my store.
My new next knit project will be this summer shrug, I'm going to buy the wool this afternoon (
I've purposed myself  finish my shawl tonight).

5 comentarios:

  1. I always find it a great feeling to finish a knitting project and see the result without the needles on it


    your bed looks super cosy :)

  2. Yes, your quilt is really beautiful! I like the brownish colours very much. A lovely evening to you!

  3. Nice moments...and lovely quilt. Here it is imposible to try to sleep without winter nordic....and yeah...nordic light have that something...

  4. Your new quilt is lovely. I really like the colors you used.