17 mar 2014

I finished this sweater. At first it seemed that it was a very quick knitting (needles 15mm), but I had to unravel twice, because of beginner mistakes, so I've been working my patience with this project :)
I love the pattern because it is quite retro with this wide sleeves. I used merino wool.
Now I'm knitting a baby hat for a gift.
Excluding the weekend, we have been a lovely spring days, I have let in a little fresh air.
My two actually favorite cosmetic products. I'm in love with almond smell of hand cream.

I'm enjoying this serie ( sorry only in spanish).

7 comentarios:

  1. Anna your sweater is so lovely! I adore the wide sleeves:)
    I am also working on a top using needles 15mm... all day long.
    Time to go to sleep now:)

  2. I love your sweater the pattern is lovely. I'm working on small projects. I hope soon I have the confidence to venture into making a sweater. I'm always inspired by your knitting.

  3. The sweater is definitely worth all the effort. love it :)

  4. the result is great ! enjoy your selfmade sweater : ) and a lovely weekend to you.
    i hope one day i can understand spanish good and talk it a bit good : )

  5. So snuggly! It looks great on you. Be reassured, it's not only beginners that have to rip out knitting. I've been knitting for 20 years and I still do it all the time.

  6. Love you sweater! Those sleeves are so qute :)
    I am wishing you a lovely Sunday.