23 mar 2014

Today it's rainy and foggy Sunday, I wake up so early today and I've studied a little bit, now I'm baking this cake, hmmmmm
And also I'm enjoying a delicious fleur de geisha tea .
Yesterday we went to a tea shop and we drank a white rose tea... :)
I finished the baby's hat and now is on my friend's way!!
Now I started this shawl in merino wool ( again merino, yes) but I'm dreaming in this sweater I would like to knit it in cotton for this shameful spring.. but I'm not sure if I'll be able to knit it!
Today I'm going to knit on my Mara shawl and watch an old film, I don't need more in this winter day.
Wishing you a lovely Sunday and wishing also spring comes again!!

2 comentarios:

  1. The baby bonnet looks amazing! Have a lovely Sunday!

  2. The baby hat is super cute. And the shawl you are working on I just checked out the pattern and it is beautiful. Now I want to make one for myself. I look forward to seeing your progress.