4 ene 2013

After feeling a little frustrated by what I've made ​​so far (sometimes I would throw all my clothes and I would prefer to leave few clothes in the closet) I felt confident enough to venture into find a new project and sew again.I decided for this Burda pattern. I found this cotton fabric I thought was very soft and perfect for the shirt.I removed the zipper back (I find very uncomfortable) and I closed leaving an opening at the top.
I baked carrot cake with apple, I love cakes with vegetables.
I'm still knitting the scarf, yes ... is endless .
Happy weekend!

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  1. hi

    i love your green and white poladot fabric!!!
    you are such a good sewer AND knitter AND baker
    : )

    i visited the city yesterday with a friend and bought with me home some fresh croissants, "french" macarones, delicious BIG black olives and lots of salad and some vegetables...going to enjoy them all this weekend...yummm...

    like you i love using vegetables in cakes...especially carrot and apple. banana cake with lots of nice spices in are also very good. one of the things i want to do more of this year is to bake because i have been so inspired by you and a couple of other bloggers bakings...maybe you have a simple and good recipe to share with me?: )

    are you doing something special in the beginning of this new year? like fex. a new english course?

    wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  2. I don't remember when I baked some cake with vegetables.. and it is a great matter:) your photograph is so tasty;)

    I am greeting!

  3. The first photo looks like the perfect day to me! :D

  4. I love the green polkadot fabric, too! The shirt is beautiful. I also love everything with seed stitch. I wonder why I never use that stitch. Need to chance that. Have a great weekend!