9 ene 2013

I decided to create a new section this year, it's not a creation of mine, I know.. but I also want to do it .
I Wear this jacket, well not yet, because I bought it online and I hope to arrive it very soon , but as you can imagine is almost mine ;)
Want it because I'm a vintage lady and Andrea has a wonderful things in her shop.
Use every day because I love the smell, but I also use products of this range and only natural products. I also like this store for their products.
Need just need it!! ;)

I want to thank all your comments about my recipe, I'd love to know if you tried. I hope to prepare another soon.

I started using Instagram, you can follow me here.

4 comentarios:

  1. Ai que maca la jaqueta! Millor online que in person, ahir vaig anar un momentet pel centre i quin caos per favor! Amb 10 min en vaig tenir de sobres!
    Que tinguis un any molt feliç!!

  2. The arrow-ring is just perfect. Got it. And love it.

  3. I think we need the same ring ;) That's so nice*